Reflection on Photographer Henri- Cartier- Bresson

Henri Cartier Bresson In My Own Words

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Hole in the Wall:







Gondola Boat Ride:



Indian Woman:

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Umbrella in a city:



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Moving Tripod:


                The photographer that I have chosen is Henri Cartier Bresson.  I chose Henri Cartier because I believe that he goes to great lengths to get the perfect photo.  I will be comparing similarities and differences between his photos and the photos of a Los Angeles street photographer Eric Kim.  I believe that Henri Cartier Bresson liked to take photos up close and in very unusual location like behind the Gare St. Lawrence.  His style is unique because it is merely black and white and majority is of street locations.  He used a 35mm Leica with a 50mm lens and never edited his photos once they were taken.  He based his life with three main points: he disdained from using artificial light, dark room effects and cropping.  Some of his most talked about photos include the Death of Ghandi, Behind the Gare St. Lawrence, and Henri Matisse.  He was known for being undetected while taking photos and painting.

                 I will be talking about the similarities and differences between Henri Cartier’s photos and Eric Kim’s.  The similarities include both being black and white images, and they both shoot street style photography.  The differences include the variations in which they take their photos and that Eric Kim has adapted to the newer styles like digital and colour.

                 In one of Eric Kim’s photos the photo is of three monks crossing the street in one of today’s busy cities.  This photo shows a lot of Henri Cartier’s style of photography like the black and white as well as the shadow compensation.  It also includes Cartier’s layout in terms of timing the crossing of the monk’s just right so that the monks can be seen as being directly in the middle of the street and have a view of the massive skyscrapers in the background.  He wanted to make the monks the main focus and concept of the photo with the skyscrapers being the secondary focus.  Finally there is also a balance of shadow to light which compliments it nicely.  That was a technique that Cartier’s seemed to use in multiple photos. 

                 The second photo is of a refugee sticking his head out of a fence covered with clothes and blankets.  Similar to the last photo, this photo of Eric Kim’s is very similar to Henri Cartier’s style because he liked to go where no one else has gone before.  He took photos of very unique people and locations, where usual photographers would not go.  As well as he could see the greatness and show the kindness in people.  As for the lighting, it highlights the man’s face by lighting up the background beside him and darkening the underneath aspects.  

                 In this photo of a woman walking through the rain in a downtown core, it shows similar style to Cartier’s because of the shadowing and the depth of the photograph.  It is shown through the length of the vertical street behind her.  The shadowing of how the light hits her gives an effect that she is glowing in the darkness.

                 I chose the fourth photograph to be of a man walking past an escalator because it has multiple shadowing effects shown through the two shadows on the glass panels.  I believe that this shows a great deal of talent to be able to show those images and the shadowing at the same time. 

                 In my fifth photograph I believe that Eric Kim has taken this photo of a man on top of an old automobile because it shows the new style of photography through Eric Kim and it is a photo of as classic photo being taken and how they went to amazing steps to get the photo.  The photo highlights the amazing shadowing of the mountains behind the man on the automobile.  The main focus of the photo is the main taking the photo with the secondary focus being the magnificent mountains in the sunset.  It has an equal light to dark ratio which is amazing.

                 The reasons I believe that the followers of Henri Cartier Bresson, including Eric Kim were impacted by his work is because he set an amazing example of photo journalism through his accomplishments and dedicated hard work.  He had passion from his starting career and he didn’t notice hid talent until he travelled the world and tried different types of jobs and adventures.  He was unique and took all his photos by the rules in which he found a necessity.  They stated that a photo should not be disdained through artificial light, should not be revised through the dark room effects and none shall be cropped.  These are the reasons that I feel had an impact on his followers. 

                   In conclusion, I feel his followers have followed his teaching and aspects and put them into the current century photo journalism.  Eric Kim a street photographer in Los Angeles is an undergrad at UCLA, who combined his passion for street photography and sociology into one.  He has traveled the world, spoke on BBC about ‘The Ethics of Street Photography’.  Just like Henri Cartier he to also shares the passion, and wants to dedicate his life to sharing all his insight, knowledge and info to the masses.  Through Henri Cartier’s life teaching, Eric Kim has also devoted to shooting street photography, learning everything about it and sharing it with the world. 


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