Press Photography Vs. Art Photography

Press Photography Vs. Art Photography
Press photographs can be defined as photos that illustrate news articles or main worldwide occurrences.  Press photographers serve a huge role in society because if we didn’t have people taking photos of worldwide events, then we wouldn’t be informed of the events happening in our society.  Here are some Press Photographs: 
The Tienanmen Square protest of 1989— Taken by Jeff Widener
–This photo was taken from a building of a protester standing in front of a line of multiple tanks–
Rising on Mount Hibachi— Taken by Joe Rosenthal
–This is a photo of multiple U.S Soldiers raising a flag in Japanese territory–
Then there is Art Photography and they include photos that are taken to freely express each and every individual photographer.  They see them self as an artist that paints through an eye hole and click of a button.  They are usually very creative and represent each individually photographer.  Here are some Art Photographs:
Water fall— Taken by Hengki Koentjoro
–This photo is an expression of what Hengki thought the waterfall looked like in his mind–
Taj Mahal— Taken by Thamer Al Tassan
— This is a photo of the famous Taj Mahal through the eyes of Thamer–
Similarities Between Press and Art Photographs
-Both take photos of live news and photos are not edited
-Show truthful news and events
– There is a story behind the photo
Differences between Press and Art Photographs
-Art Photography is an expression of the artist behind the lens
– Press Photography is more of a photo that connects with all its viewers
-Each photographer has a different purpose and motive
Art photography is photo that are taken with passion and portray a photographers vision and how they see and event.
Where as press photographs are photos more tuned in for current events and truthful photos and there could be not as much passion into the photos.  Or the photographer may not enjoy certain photo, just has a job to do.  show current events around the world.
Art Photographs
Art photos are expressions of a photographer and have meaning and a certain look to the photo.  I think that it would not be ethical to alter art photographs because it then wouldn’t be how the photographer pictured or imaged how the picture was to be shot.  Acceptable or not I think that everyone has an opinion but I personally think that art photographs should not be altered.
Press Photographs
Press photographs are images that help inform people around the world of current events and keeps them updated.  These images have a purpose and that is to portray the event and make it simple for other people to understand.  I think that this world has made it acceptable and some what ethical to alter these photos because say if the event happens at night or during conflict where it is hard to get a clear image, then at that point, I think you may alter a photo.

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